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Investment Philosophy

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Our reputation is our most important asset.  Principled with integrity, honesty, and reason is how we operate and how we protect our reputation.  No monetary gain is worth risking our reputation.  

Our client’s best interest is our most important operational goal.  Your investment dollars are at the core of our business model.

We start by understanding our clients and their financial objectives.  We then work to identify those objectives individually and their gravity to each other.

We then design the individual strategies for each of the goals and present the roadmaps to the client for confirmation.  Once we have synergy and approval, we invest in the fundamentally sound investment product mix we agreed to.  

Regularly scheduled reviews are our only condition for the relationship.  It is how we become aware of any changes in our clients’ lives that may impact their goals and our process.  We revisit the goals, the roadmap, and investment strategies to make the necessary adjustments.

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